10 Cent Press Tour

Check out this video of Jon Hinkel at the helm of his stately "C&P press," as he calls it. This is an old-school Charles & Price etching and printing press, forged in iron and oiled to perfection. The wheels they turn and the circular reservoir of ink feeds the three rollers as they coat and rotate over the hand-carved image Jon artfully sculpts into a medium-sized linoleum block. About thirty seconds after this video was shot (with the subject's permission of course) Jon throws over his shoulder that I should "take a break and run the press for [him]"! And so it was. I stood where he stands in this clip, feeding the custom made envelopes into the antique press and piling the navy blue imprints catty-corner to each other so as not to smudge 'em. It's a busy place, being the only press in the state who can traditionally repair and construct books to this level of detail. Jon is more than an artist, he is also a calligraphic scholar, carpenter, author, poet, printmaker, paper crafter, leather worker (sort of), and master of the gluing arts! Also, a patient and kind instructor. As the press's latest 'intern,' this bloggist is keen to soak up the good stuff of Tight Squeek Press like it's water in the Mojave.

Enjoy this latest & greatest tour of the press!


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