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Pocket Rocks: Renee

Figure 1: Renee Meschi, celebrating Sukkot and sharing her epic pocket rock tale.
Hold on to your butts, fellow rockosophers, as this one's gonna be a goodie. I have a delightful treat to share that's going to make your brain parts tingle! The rest of your parts, I am afraid, you will have to manage on your own.

It's been a while since you and I set ourselves down to a wholesome jam session for the soul. As such, I promise to keep you appraised of all things rockological* with this Rock Rat's trademark spasmodality.

Today's Pock Rock tale has sprung this Rock Rat's bloggery into a shiny new epoch of blogabilities! There is now a subpage under the BLOG button on the Main Menu titled Rockcast. Nestled there, at the top left of the page, is the shiny new podcast, Rockcast Podosophy, where you can listen to the recording of the interview transcribed below. This file is six minutes long, so allot your time appropriately as you will to the enrapturing storytelling of Renee, a pocket rocker living in Tacoma, WA.

I shall leave you to experience this wonderful human connection in just a spell, but first let me lay the context: Tacoma is overflowing with kind, generous, and opulent humans. One of those humans, Gillian, sent out an email containing the following excerpt, to which I was lovingly included [all posted/shared files and data were done so with full permissions and agreements by those parties involved]:

"Tuesday, Sept 25, 6-9 PM, art in the Sukkah!

They say art is healing, art is communication, and, well, just plain fun. Whether you feel like you are an artistic person or want to stretch your creative muscles, come hang out and make art with us! Musical instruments, visual arts supplies, and crafting are all welcome - I'll have some paints and canvas, but bring what you need (and snacks if you want) and get your art on! Please let me know if you plan to come by so we have enough chairs :)"

There you have it, rockpups, a fantabulous evening in a Sukkah with friends, art, story telling, ancestral communing, rock talks, and plenty of flavorsome mulled wine. And so, with the practiced grace of a fervent blogger, I whipped my cellular device out and stamped the Voice Recorder icon with an eagerness known intimately to the storyteller addict.

We were talking rocks. And The People needed to know.

Interview Transcription- Renee

[Rockcast Podosophy- Ep.1]

25 September 2018

Sukkot Celebration at Robert’s house (with mulled wine!)

RR: So, you guys were gonna go to Hot Springs for [Gillian’s] birthday, and then it got flooded and then you ended up going to Discovery Park?

Renee: And then we went to the hot house cause that was like the closest we could manage to nature and hot water.

RR: Right.

Melissa: Gillian, how close is that to Hot Springs? Is it like a trek?

RR: And Melissa was leaving for Korean, so everybody was there?

********white noise associated with social occasions*************************

Gillian: You should look it up, the hot springs are kind of like pools. They’re kind of expensive…

RR: That’s so cool, and you have a rock from it.

Renee: I do, I have several rocks from it.

RR: So is that the smooth ones? The worry stones?

Renee: Yea, ya know. what.... so, I used to study an Italian form of witchcraft. ***** So I studied under this Italian alter who studied this Italian style of witchcraft…and she taught me about it. And she taught me about the Fey which are like Elemental beings. So like, um, essentially if you see something like a rock or a feather or something that calls out to you, you’re supposed to take it because it’s a gift from them. Otherwise they will wreak havoc. So, it’s a gift. So, I do that when I see something that’s calling out to me or it reached out, I’ll pick it up.

RR: YES! So, that’s crazy. So I have a working hypothesis that I’ve been talking to other rockhounds, or whatever, and I call it ‘singing.’ And sometimes I call it ‘calling’ it kind of depends on how you find it.

Renee: Yea.

RR: And other people, they call it calling. Like “Oh yea, I totally called that rock.” When you go to a site, you don’t have to dig, it’s like five minutes, you pick it up off the ground.

Renee: Yea.

RR: But, it’s the Elemental Fey, huh?

Renee: Yea, I mean, it depends on how you interpret what ‘elemental’ means, you know what I mean? So like Fairies is a name that we’ve come up with for them. Also, like according to Rosina, was her name, like if you find a rock and there’s been a natural hole that’s bore through it, that helps you see through to the other world.

RR: Yes!

Renee: You’ve heard that one?

RR: Yes, actually, that one, when we were beach combing two days ago, we were picking them up. And my friend picked one up and it had a HUGE hole in it and I was like, “Wow, that’s a really lucky stone,” and she was like, “Yea, I can see a witch!” I was like…yea…

Renee: Yea…

RR: That’s awesome.

Renee: I think so I have these conflicted feelings sometimes when things call to me like that cause I,…I don’t always assume I’m supposed to take it. Ya know, sometimes I just feel like it wants to be noticed and I feel like I shouldn’t take it but it’s hard to know which is which. And it’s hard to know what’s real.

RR: Yea, no I definitely feel that.

Renee: That’s close to like singing or calling.

RR: Well, and sometimes I’ll pick up like a, a poor quality rock or like something that’s not even a rock, it’s like a base metal or something or like it’s like a piece of asphalt or something just because it like caught my attention for no reason cause I feel like if I don’t that’s gonna ruin my luck for the rest of my trip. And it seems to be pretty true, like if I notice a rock and leave it, I tend to not find anything...

Renee: That’s one of them.

RR: Oh, cool!

Renee: Yea, I scratched “Happy Birthday” and like…all the stuff that we found is here…

RR: Sweet.

Renee: Yea.

RR: That’s awesome.

Renee: Yea, the one I have in my car looks like this. It might actually be this.

RR: Can I give you my email, and you can send these to me?

Renee: Yea! I’ll re-save it so it’s fresher in my memory. So yea, that was that day.

RR: Ooh! That’s like, a perfect Hallmark card.

Renee: Yea, that’s here. We put like, all the smooth ones in there. I just kinda left it up there for passers by.

RR: That’s awesome.

Renee: so, what you were talking about- where you find something and it’s not like an actual rock …I dunno what we were doin’ with that one…tying something around it…yea, that’s also me.

RR: See, that’s great!

Renee: Yea, rock stories! Yea, but um, I always remember The Labyrinth-

Gillian: Like, the David Bowie?

Renee: Yea, I grew up watching that over and over and over until the tape warped. So it’s like stuck in my subconscious. But, I think of the time where she met Hualten(sp?) and traded him a bracelet for directions to the castle or whatever. And he’s like, “What is this?” and she’s like, “Plastic,” and he’s like, “PLASTIC!” Like, looking at it like it’s very precious.

RR: Yea.

Renee: So I wonder if like, these materials, to us, feel very common.

RR: Yea, depending on what you’re looking for.

The End of Rock Talk

I would like to make the final note that, following this interview, I scurried away to AJ and returned with a small cardboard box of rando rocks. There are usually one of two of those in my vehicle, bedroom, sock drawer, etc. waiting to be shared. Anywhoseles, we spent the next quarter hour going through them as a framily* unit. Among the selections made, Gillian and Renee each took a half of the same thunderegg. Gillian still handles it periodically and expresses her delight in the texture, weight, and memories associated with it. So, there you have it.

Happy Hounding!

~Rock Rat

*Rockological: As pertaining to all things Rockosophy

*Framily: Friends that conduct themselves with the behaviors & affection of traditional family values