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D&D, Music, and Voodoo

A therapist, music teacher, and engineer walk into a Dungeons & Dragons forum... Sounds like the start of a good joke, right? Well, mayhap a mediocre joke. Fine- a quick-fire quip made to a stranger as they dismount public transportation in the hopes that they will have just enough time to muster a chuckle and then never see your face again. But, let us all remember that rockosophy is about the sharing of human connections! Whatever your positive passion pleasure, it may be communed and shared over rocks, foods, or adventures! Adventure can be found anywhere- even around the dining room table of new and wonderful kin. So, in the spirit of Rockosophy, I have a brief, charming tale of cooking up some brilliance on a Sunday Funday eve. 

*DUN DUN* This is that story.

Whilst lounging in the home of my new friends, Shawn & Dana of Spokane, the most amazing discussion blossomed! More than a gathering of stalwart intellectuals, this evening was a fount of braingasms to rival Shark Tank. (I'm lying. I've never even seen Shark Tank. What is it? Like a Discovery Channel thing? Anyway...)

Before the (homemade) pizza in my hand hit my oozing salivations, the hearty exchange of Dungeons & Dragons mythos was interpolated by Megan* with some boggling psychological voodoo! What if we could watch the brain's electrical patterns as a human played D&D? What parts of the brain are stimulated? How would we even go about that?

These were my questions, which I didn't even have time to pose before Meg was off and proposing the sexiest psychological study ever to tingle these rockhound's ears! Not I have heard very many, I am after all in the trade of biology and the Science of Life.  A melting pot of minds suddenly began to froth all over the Tolleys' dining room table! Naturally, I had to ask if I could record what was happening and my tribespeople lovingly acquiesced. This interview became Episode 2 of Rockcast Podosophy, along with the transcription, both available on the Rockcast tab from Rockosophy's Main Menu. 

Recipe for Musical D&D Voodoo (serves 5):


1 therapist

1 music teacher (background in technology and composition helps)

1 engineer

1 glorious roomy to hold them all together

1 Rock Rat

3 pizzas

Mead (optional)

1-2 board games (dealer's choice)

1-6 years of familiarity

Love (just throw a handful of that shizz in there!)


1. Stick some schmuck in a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging device (FMRI) while they play an active role in a D&D scenario.

2. Take the readout of those electrical impulses and assign them specific musical frequencies. 

3. Insert frequency patterns into an electronic instrument to play 'Brain on D&D'!

4. Assign the frequencies colors and let those patterns play along with the song.

5. Use a tube of propane, with holes drilled in the sides, and a program that changes the pressure of the propane according to the frequencies input to generate a FLAMING DANCING LIGHT SHOW to accompany the song & colors.

6. Hire a wholesome janitor to mop up all the drool from the adoring audience.

Wouldn't that righteous? How could someone or something apply these findings to better the world of humans? For humans? For NON-HUMANS?! What secret arts are hiding in the electrical patterns of your mind as you learn, play, and bond with your fellowship to take on mysteries and quests in the name of nothing what-so-ever? I certainly haven't the foggiest. Could this fog be lifted by a melting pot of passionate minds? Probably. ONly one way to find out...

Welp, that's all I've got for you, folks! Hope this short & sweet taste of nerdtastic affection helps power you through the rest of your week. Be good to yourself, and be sure to check out the interview on Rockcast Podosophy (these humans have the loveliest of telephone voices).

With love and nothing else,

Rock Rat

*Megan: A great love, known to rock rats and framily alike.