D&D, Music, and Voodoo

A therapist, music teacher, and engineer walk into a Dungeons & Dragons forum... Sounds like the start of a good joke, right? Well, mayhap a mediocre joke. Fine- a quick-fire quip made to a stranger as they dismount public transportation in the hopes that they will have just enough time to muster a chuckle and then never see your face again. But, let us all remember that rockosophy is about the sharing of human connections! Whatever your positive passion pleasure, it may be communed and shared over rocks, foods, or adventures! Adventure can be found anywhere- even around the dining room table of new and wonderful kin. So, in the spirit of Rockosophy, I have a brief, charming tale of cooking up some brilliance on a Sunday Funday eve. 

*DUN DUN* This is that story.

Whilst lounging in the home of my new friends, Shawn & Dana of Spokane, the most amazing discussion blossomed! More than a gathering of stalwart intellectuals, this evening was a fount of braingasms to rival Shark Tank. (I'm lying. I've never even seen Shark Tank. What is it? Like a Discovery Channel thing? Anyway...)

Before the (homemade) pizza in my hand hit my oozing salivations, the hearty exchange of Dungeons & Dragons mythos was interpolated by Megan* with some boggling psychological voodoo! What if we could watch the brain's electrical patterns as a human played D&D? What parts of the brain are stimulated? How would we even go about that?