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Rockcast Podosophy

Shiny new icon for Rockcast Podosophy.

BIG NEWS! Turns out, there is a method by which I can share the tales and musings of my genius tribe with you & the blogosphere! As genius often comes packaged with a depth of reticent humbleness, there is an embarrassing number of interviews and tales of wonderment I have thus been unable to make accessible to you....


I have made the audio from several of my spontaneous interviews available to the ears of all three of you via a podcast on Anchor: Rockcast Podosophy! Now conveniently linked to this blog through the Rockcast tab on the Main Menu. Just another courageous attempt by myself and others to spread the love of rockhounds and storytellers that cross our paths.

Can you say,"TOTALLY BITCHIN'"?

So. Just know that I am contriving to interview each and every brain I come across and share it through this exciting addition to Rockosophy. I can think of nothing more rockological than this influx of rad storytelling! Plus, if you don't have time to listen to these rad convos, the transcriptions will be available on the Transcriptions subpage of the Rockcast tab.

With love and nothing else,

Rock Rat


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