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Four Pillars of Rockosophy

It's about dang time I laid out why I include so many non-rock topics in Rockosophy. For those of you who have been with me on this journey for a while, you know there's more to it than geologic metaphors for human kindness (sort of). As such, I have decided to distill my wealth of emotions regarding the topics covered in this blog down to a handful of easily-digestible items.

As a list. #spoileralert *extravagant hand flourish*

And here they are! The Four Pillars of our shared Rockosophy experience:

1. Rocks.

2. Philosophy.

3. Nature hobbies.

4. Human Connectivity.

So. There you have it. Now, go out and be alive so we can muse over it before/during/after about the above Pillars.

With love & nothing else,

~Rock Rat

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