Chapter I: For the Love of Books

Books the shit and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Those of you who have discussed this blogtastic experiment in person will know I have long-term plans to publish the more evocative pieces from Rockosophy into a blook. Well, considering I am on the mend for the time being, I will just have to occupy myself with this particular pipe dream to pass the long days of pain killers and limping to the nearest ice cream shop (that would be The Scoop, on 24th). Dealt these cards, I am positively stimulated by my lavishly lexical logic-talk with friends as of late and have decided to get a wiggle on this goal.

Naturally, I have made list of steps to get us there [see below], but also have come up with the title for the first chapter [see title of this post]. Why am I going to try and publish stuff from Rockosophy? Lots of reasons. Chief among them being that pocket rocks are totally a thing and the world needs to know about it. Otherwise, because life is just what you make of it. Think I'd like to make a blook with my friends.

Steps to Getting Rockosophy published:

1) Write some things worthy of being bound.

2) Edit the crap out of Podosophy's transcriptions.

3) Crowd source some high-quality photos and art things to distract readers from the text.

4) Mix it all together in a medium-sized bowl, add salt to taste.

5) Sacrifice a goat (a stand-in will need to be found for this step).

6) Contact a publisher.

With love & nothing else,

Rock Rat


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