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Figure 1: Larry the Cane and a Rockosophy keychain featuring For Love stamped copper plate and a Moqui marble for your on-the-go meditations.

This is the beginning of something frickin' fantastic, dude. You may know that this Rock Rat busted up her back last summer. You may not know that last month she reinjured that same back.

Welp, that'll happen. I'm given to understand it's nothing that doesn't happen to everyone eventually. Considering the proportion of other humans for whom I take a shine to, that's an odd comfort.

Excitingly, all this time to be doped up on muscle relaxers & pain killers, awaiting treatment, leaves a gaping hole in my weekly agenda. For context, I recently described my aggravated sciatica experience as, "feeling like a Border Collie in concrete booties." A shockingly accurate metaphor, given that I barely recall saying it (stay away from drugs, kids).

Naturally, I began dazily (if not somehow also aggressively) beavering away at outstanding blog posts, editing Podosophy interviews, and transcribing in the fleeting chunks of time between relaxing opiod naps.

Post-Rock Rollers Gem Show, I have several gemstones in need of settings. One snailish afternoon, I found myself at liberty to engage with the outside world. With all the zeal of a vibrant octogenarian I Lyfted myself to that only-open-at-odd-hours jewelry supply shop off 4th & Division, Rings&Things. Two hours later, I organized my spoils into a four-step keychain production line on my desk and borrowed a hammer and pliers from my roomie. The fruits of these spoils you see hanging from Larry the Cane.

Rationalizing that there should be some kind of obligatory prize for crafting a Rockcast Podosophy episode with me, my brain has been stewing for weeks about what kind of bauble or doo-dad to pass along to folks in rembrance and gratitude. A pocket rock seemed too....predictable. HOWEVER! A pocket rock at the end of a gun-metal grey chain, attached to a stamped copper plate promoting Rockosophy themes- now that's juuusstt off-key enough to be exactly what you'd expect from the Rock Rat.

Thus, when I am either too doped up to work effectively or in too much pain to focus on anything but my controlled exhalations, I have begun to produce keychains. Themes include the name, tag line, and pertinent phrases from the Rockosophy blog & podcast. These include, "Birds Rocks Bliss," and my favorite reason for doing anything at all (thank you, my Yoda along the road to recovery, Lindsay), "For Love."

Some of these are currently available for purchase on this website's online shop. Eventually, there will be a subpage of the shop dedicated to a fundraising portfolio containing petitions for sponsorships to fund podcast interviews, community rockhounding field trips, and outreach projections I have a brewin'. I priced them according the cost of materials, so profits are... an unlikely result of my keypains. But, as I learn to bring my oneiric visualizations forth into reality to be shared with you in the form of keychains and embroidered hats, I will be sure to make them all available! So far, some keychains suck more than others. Stones ranger from sexy bits of pw to obsidian chips to agates!

So hit me up with your thoughts and feels. Share the love.

Happy Hounding,

Rock Rat