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Blueprints for Green Optimism

We do not need to keep setting our global table with sour morsels of resentment and blame over the ecologic apocalypse. Stop forcing feeding our ancestors with bitter crow. They are no more to blame for the state of things than we are! In any arrangements of time or place, would not we have done just the same? The same people equipped with different knowledge and tools, all raving against existence for painful awareness of it? Free the corvid of its ill association, alternatively, opting to loose it off to beautify a treeline silhouette. Let the this corporeal manifestation of our crisis instead live itself to death. Like the rest of us. Contrary to the lies sustaining our fear-riddled regard for the state of things, sustainability and renautralization are not far-flung, alien aspirations. They are not out of reach. We have surely mucked things up, but can just as surely adaptively manage them to endure. Oppression of the masses and subversion of that invaluable duty personal accountability are the virulents contaminating our collective psyche, not the centuries spent raking carbon from the ground and belching it into the atmosphere.

Let me be clear, here: This world is, even now, too crammed with majesty to leave room for boredom and maleficence. It's popular knowledge that we are, all of us, sick and tired of being sick and tired. Suffering is not to -and simply can not- be avoided in the sentient condition, but altogether digested with understanding. Yes, the ocean chokes on amassing plastics. Yes, the automobile industry buried away (and I'm confident continues to bury away) alternative fuel research to suckle at their glandular dopamine reward for making financial gain. Dopamine addicts will do anything to accrue brain chemicals as reward for money, power, or relief of fear. That's the disease of addiction- a plague to be treated and cured.

Someone always knows of these evils, though, and some times the damning skeletons are drug out from their cavernous closets. Their bones yellowed from prolonged suffocation, sprung into daylight grinning as their taint bleaches away under the sunshine. Horrible our skeletons may be (and they are our skeletons, to be sure), but they can also become brilliant white canvases primed for a modern coating of generational optimism. Let us reject the cultural doctrine of negativism, blame, and pervasive doubt that weights our hearts to sink into nihilism to our trajectory.

Open again the tome of our blood-soaked history. Listen to the ancient leather strain and crack from ages of misuse and neglect. Read of our faults and triumphs in strokes of red ink turned black. Human property, indigenous genocide, Tuskegee experiments, Tulsa (and other) massacres, and the unrecorded terrors testifying to our mortal Id. See then the cradle of goodness nurturing our splendid Ego. We are all the same people. From the time before we left Africa, in weary bands of a few thousand clawing back from the precipice of extinction, to master every terrestrial habitat on the planet. I can safely assert that we have come back from worse than we face, now.

The glinting advantage of modernity is that we also have more of ourselves than ever before. Plant a seed of hope, water it graciously, and leave only a footprint as payment for your prolonged succor in sustaining it to fruition. That is what I ask of you, myself, and our generation. Let's make something greater than ourselves and leave it for those who come next.

With love & nothing else,

~Rock Rat

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