Beauty Bee Comes

Dave Little wrote the first draft of this poem. Rock Rat wrote the second draft. This is the first of a collaborative poetry project! We encourage you to reach out and send in your work, or request a piece to play with. Photography is encouraged, but not mandated. Hopefully, we will get enough pieces to throw together some kind of photo/poetry album and distribute to each other.

Much love, brother Dave

~Rock Rat

Oh, I hear it

That rum-buzz-buzzing

Lilting on the wind

A lover ever nearing

For you, this meal

Powdered confection of affection

Transmogrify it as honey

Your sticky sweetness complete

Who else is there?

Drift down from above!

They tussel my petals

Stay, will you, please?

Tender fluff rolls overhead

Strange promises they keep

As showering crystal droplets

Upon my gentle leaf

Sensuous whispers drizzle down

Rolling almost to burst

Drenching me in adoration

Quenching this aching thirst

Be gone now, lover

Dewy morning draws neigh

The splendid strangest one

Returns as beaming light

This brilliant fleeting paramour

Without whom I wither

Tenaciously grins from above

Star of my eye

So many hearts abound

A resource ne're exhausted

Unveiling fields of sentiment

Stoking still this yearning

To name them all

Would stifle my yoke

To call these few

Becomes as love bespoke

Earth holds me steady

Water there to drink

Sun sustains these days

Pollinators come, my ilk

Like wind dispersing seed

The final season sets

I am now content

To leave.