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Concept, Cast, Carve: Making an Heirloom

Quick! Before the virus gets you (or, more likely, a class war breaks out and we all go for the pitchforks)! Go to and check out Rockosophy's latest and greatest local gem discovery! It's a custom jewelry shop that is currently working with Rock Rat to make the most bitchin' heirloom-quality signet ring, to double as a wax seal press. Some of you may already have received a wax sealed letter made with the prototype ring but the improved edition is still in the works!

Today, we embark on the smelter's journey of wonderment that one of the owners, Sean, has thoughtfully clued us into with his creation of my rockosophy ring brain baby.

Step 1: Concept

Make a signet-style ring in sterling silver with the client's logo of a hammer/pen/feather so that the result can be used to stamp a wax seal impression.

Step 2: Waxify (for smelting)

We have carved the logo in wax, first. I will cut it out of the block and cast it in silver so it can be attached to the jade back ground.

Step 3: Mass of the Model

The wax model is weighed to determine how much silver will need to be smelted to flesh out the form.

Step 4: Weigh the Silver

Sterling silver chips, for smelting, are then weighed.

Step 5: Mold the Model

A mold for the silver is made from the wax cast.