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Signet Ring Complete!

Here it is, at long last

Product of two month's craftsmanship

Forged in sterling silver

Enthroned on a backdrop of Washington blue jade

Emblazoned with the icon of Rockosophy

The signet ring from AU Cornerstone

To be worn on the right hand of a writer's hand

Smothered in filth amid toils of biology

An insignia to be impressed in melted wax

In an age of tacit malcontent

Alongside the immediacy of instant messages

The often overlooked letter writing arts

Watch now, merry rockosophers of the interwebs!

In the time of coronavirual zoonotic disease

When leaving the sanctioned protection of the home may be tantamount

To issuing death upon neighboring octogenarians

Might we share of ourselves the finesse of an ancient signature

This pen bleeds out pages of a novel still in the fetal stages

Outgoing mailboxes pregnant with hopeful letters to friends and family

Sealed with an echo to times when turkey feathers were whittled down

Pointed shaved to keep from tickling the scribe's nose as they dabbled in holy writ

Talisman of one blogger's wish

That her framily know all are held in the seal of

Birds, Rocks, and Bliss.

With love & nothing else,

Rock Rat