Rockhounder's Hercules Parody

This was going to be a post where you see a line-up of photos taken amid rockhound adventures, but that told a story and weren't included in other posts for specimen shots. While writing Tips to Get You Hounding In Five Hours or Less, I began to hum the Disney Hercules song, sung by Danny Devito. The one that begins "So, you wanna be a hero, kid? Well, whoop-de-doo..." Aaand then promptly changed everything to exclusively feature this braingasmic pre-coffee achievement.

Please, enjoy the following parody of Disney's One Last Hope ( accompanied by the fullest rockhound experience one shock-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, pocket sized digital camera can provide.

So you wanna go adventuring, huh?

Now, that we can do. We'll have to be back by lunch, no prob, it's true! So many shiny things to point at Joy by any other name is ointment. So much for excuses, a crow bar has so many uses! I'm asking you to avoid all other claims

This promise is two fold, ok?

You win! What a find! Oh, yay!

(music picks up)

I'd recommend picking a place with rocks you like​​ It's all a search image you get as you hike along. The kid that poked dead things and played in dirt needs to be out in the trees. That kid's you and me, dude, we're all pros natural born.

You might see a flower or a discarded tool, the old miners gone. Just look for a twinkle and spend your day drifting around a forest lawn.

You need no adviser, it's all in a book but you're wiser It don't make you a miser, and WHOA don't get an ulcer.

I'm down to one last stop and I'll stop there, too. Though kid it might not be a dream come true. We'll find enough of something for the trek to come through. You've got half a day for this and that'll have to do.

(heroic music plays)

Miners, hikers, hobbyists have searched for years with childish glee Don't believe the stories that you read about making any sort of cash money To be down and a dirt hole kid is a dying art. Every shovelful makes it a labor from the heart.

It won't make a revenue. It's about green things and me and you. You'll have to dig with laughter and that's a good way to start on it.

If you leave boot prints on the walls, leave a note. Until then, that's all I've got, that's all she wrote. New places are open for you kid go see if it's all true. Throw me that corded rope, let's check out that eastern slope

Those are definitely flecks of gold and that's dope

And we want you to join our crew but it's uuuuuuup tooooooo yooooooou!


With love & nothing else,

Rock Rat