The Word is Interlocutor

The word you may have been looking for is 'interlocutor': 1 : interchange of speech : conversation. 2 : an interruptive utterance : interruption, interpolation, parenthesis. 3a obsolete : responsive reading or recital (the Google machine). Maybe you were watching the news or overheard something in public that made you think, "shut up, white male human, you are making us all look bad," or experienced the thought, I just said that why does he think I need it explained to me a third time. Reading my recent Giant Nerd Books book, Slave in a Box: The Strange Career of Aunt Jemima by MM Manring, I have learned two rockological schnibblies crucial to the media of the world.

The first is that this is a book that I have found no grammatical or punctual flaws in and the paragraphs all the way up to the chapters are exquisitely structured. For those who appreciate such things, and feel they need to revisit any thesis they've ever written to finally understand what your advisor was getting at, this is a great read. The second is that when people talk about racial awareness or feminism the word mansplaining is now established in the language. That uncomfortable feeling when there's something going on here that just kind of smells like not everyone is being totally respectful of everyone else -and we are all guilty of it because human animals- already had a word! Wonderful.

Don't take anything in this post too seriously, just to get that outta the way.

How I Understand and Prefer white Interlocutor to Any Other Explanation of White Privilege:

If a human animal occupies a social environment where there are measurable power dynamics between animals in a socioeconomic or assumed information or pervading institutional roadblocks way, the presence of white privilege comes from the assumption of any party that the understanding of some element of the encounter is sourced from a white party. Either the white party in the room or the white male voice in a television ad, the high-skilled professions dominated by white males or the standards of etiquette, being the most malleable by a white male party, in a social space than by another party simply by the fact that the other another party may be inherently viewed as a "blank person" or "blank gendered person" or "blank gendered person from this or that background/area of town/profession." Instead of single the autonomous entity of personhood, other party's social presence is affected by the extant overtures of a white male interlocutor serving the information, acting as interpreter between other parties, or in some way being constantly part of the conversation because of falsely inflated status.

In some cases, things need to be identified in human social spaces [see any reliable news source]. One of those things is white privilege and having an extra-descriptive word to solidify its function in a given conversation further clarifies how it affects the social environment. That's what it means when awareness calls for a party to facilitate equitable respect and fight white privilege! Be aware of the interlocutor in a given situation and consider that during engaged conversations on race in the United States. Or not. Either way, makes for yummy brainfood.

~Rock Rat


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