Ep.4 Rockthumpers



RR: Ok, can I bowguard you for rock talk? Do you- are you into rocks? I know you’re into rocks. Are you into rocks?

Mike: Into rocks?

RR: Yes.

Dan: Are you a rockthumper?

Mike: No, I should be though, sounds like it.

Dan: You’re fine.

RR: You’re great. ‘Sup Kent?

Kent: Hey, how are you kids doin’?

Mike: Doin’ good, old man.

Kent: I know, right?

RR: So, Dan, tell me about your rocks.

Dan: I don’t even know where to start.

RR: Ok.

Dan: I have boxes of them. I have travelled with them for years and years in all kinds of different places. Um, I’m a geologist, I went to school for geology.

RR: Oh!

Dan: I don’t practice geology, but still enjoy it, but I wouldn’t- I’ve been collecting rocks since I was a little kid. Like it’d be,…even go out and visit my aunt. On her gravel driveway, I’d be pickin’ out agates out of the gravel driveway.

RR: Where are you from?

Dan: Portland. Portland, OR, born and raised.

RR: Willamette?

Dan: Yup.

RR: Yup.

Dan: Willamette, but..

Kent: She’s not from here.

RR: Sorry!

Kent: Willamette Oregon, no such place, but whatever.

Dan: T-guard, Twillateen(sp?), I’ve heard ‘em all.

RR: Whatever.

Dan: I was the exact same way when I moved out here. I’s be pronouncing stuff- I didn’t know how to pronounce Ponderay(sp?) for years.

Kent: That’s how he got his name, Box-o-Rocks.

Dan: I’m about as smart as one.

Kent: Our house is full of rocks.

Dan: Oh, yea?

Kent: We buy ‘em. Collect ‘em and buy ‘em wherever we go.

Mike: Another rockthumper!

RR: Yea! You wanna tell me about your rocks? I…

Kent: They’re hard, and big, and…beautiful.

RR: Cool.

Kent: A lot of ‘em are from South America.

Dan: Oh yea, so like a lot of nice gemstones?

RR: So like, crystals?

Kent: Agates.

RR: Wow.

Kent: The….what’s that green stuff that’s poisonous? Has little swirls in it?

RR: That’s…such a vague….I….

Kent: No,…there’s a lot of green rocks that are poisonous…

Dan: There’s a lot them.

RR: Kryptonite, maybe?

Dan: Malachite, serpentanite,….Serpentanite might be poisonous.

Kent: Yea, the brain’s…..yea, it’s malachite. It’s a big green rock we have. It’s about this big, and it’s polished and it’s gorgeous. But yea, a lot of…a lot of South American stuff.

RR: Why… do you lik