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Now Available! Mongrel: Short Stories

Toasty Press dropped another book! To the smell of greased printer gears & soy-based ink comes Mongrel, a collection of short stories that comes hot off the press. Topics for stories are varied, as the title suggests, and it marks the inaugural edition of main author, Dustin Brewer's, short story material. Available on Amazon , order a copy today and be sure to let us know what you think at

If you want to see more of Dustin's work, ya'll can check out his blog, too! He also has a novel, Slip or Jump, and poems featured in Prosetry!

About the Author:

Dustin Brewer writes about wild things. Those things could be feelings, animals, thoughts, or places. Slip or Jump was his first published novel. After writing that novel, he became a professional ecologist and has since begun to write creatively again. New short stories and novels are forthcoming.

Learn more at:

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