Pocket Rocks Anthology: Coming 2022

Big news, everyone! Sharing tales of rocks pocketed and passed on is the most igneous idea for an anthology ever to skirt across a page. Coming in 2022, Toasty Press will be publishing the first installment of the earliest Rockosophy project, the Pocket Rocks Anthology! Submissions will have the rocks in their stories illustrated by local artists [e.g. Cover Image], but it all starts with the stories. To keep you all in the loop, here are few tales about why & how folks from the NW Rockhounds group nipped their first sweet taste of the hobby.



"The only time my mind does not spin is when I am out on the hunt. I can focus and be content where I am. I love the rock hunt and when I find a piece that makes me go, "Whoo Hooo!"


Petrified wood

"Rockhounding gives me a peace of mind, creativity, and every rock is a candy store. They tell me what I can't do. It's like wood working. How creative can you be on a piece of petrified wood? It's the very same. Be safe out there!"


"It feeds my curiosity about the world we live in."


"How can you not find it rewarding to be out there finding Earth Pretties?"



"Way up in far Northern Montana, finding rocks and fossils is where it's at. Yea, I know there are grizzly bears, mountain lions, moose, and I could be pummeled by an incoming rockslide! But it's that thrill of finding such interesting and intriguing specimens that keeps me hounding. It's an adventurous sort of fun!"



"I've always loved rocks and geology. Rocks are and continue to be a fun and free souvenir of trips taken."

Look out for more anthological samples of this publication from Rockosophy, and remember to submit your pocket rock stories, funnies, and odd occurrences to rockosophy@gmail.com or toastypress@gmail.com!

With love & nothing else,