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Prosetry & You

Here is something to get your rocks on for ~ Prosetry! Copies are being made now using leftover leather, waxed linen string, and plenty of pH neutral glue. Here is a sweet little schnibbly to capture that illusive attention!

"This is a little book of prosetry, a term coined for storytelling through the accumulation of poems. In this case, poetry from multiple sources covering a range of topics, with some flavor of prose in each. Works were compiled by one, illustrated by another, edited by a third, curated by a fourth, and meddled with by a fifth. Authors are listed at the end, with an index of their featured work.

Poetry tells a story. Even if it is a bad story, a love story, or a story about a sandwich. Our world thrives on prose in all presentations and from all directions. Especially now. Topics include prosetry on the Nurture of Nature, Love & Sex, and Humanism & Society, with padding at the end for Additional Material from the authors.

For more information on ToastyPress publishing group or to contribute something as another brain behind this collection, email us at"

Send anything for the section themes above, or the Additional Materials section! Making some rhyme time.~