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My good friend Tori Kaufman and I have decided to start our own publishing company! Though we'll begin by selecting some of our own work to publish, we may eventually take on the works of other authors, too. As bibliophiles each with unique writing styles and interests, we are super excited to work together to discover and produce the best books we can. As we further develop this project, we'll provide updates. Until then, check out Tori's website to learn more about her eclectic interests and talents. 


Feel free to contact us at


Over a growing period of 26 standard Earth years I have authored exactly one novel and well over 100 poems, and bound several dozen books/journals. Luckily, one of the greatest humans on this planet with me is an accomplished writer. In 2020, Dust in the Wind suggested that one day we put our brilliance together and start self-publishing our work. Even luckier, I had picked up book binding, calligraphy, photography, and a pesky habit of following through on crazy big dreams.

We will write things and make them available to you, with love and everything else.


~Rock Rat (Victoria M Kaufman)

Co-Owner, Toasty Press

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