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  Author Snapshot   

Below this is the original Snapshot from the very beginning. I leave it here for you to see where it all began. Now, in the budding stages of 2023, I am 30, published, and happy you're here to share Rockosophy with me.


Be well, Reader.


My cards are as follows: a 25 year old white, female, wildlife biologist with a streak of inspiration by the works of many humans and intimate objects. My aim is to play these to the benefit of anything. Anywhere. At any time. 

Let us engage in a global conversation about the humanitarian and ecological balance the world can encompass. It starts with exposure, and spreads like wildlife (incidentally, I am hoping to get some stories about fire management). For me, exposure begins after I roll myself out of bed and take my peppy Australian shepherd, Zen, for our morning mile. Nothing so clarifies the grey matter like morning air still cool from the evening's darkness. It is when I do my best thinking, and it is when I hold palaver with the Ego and the Id. 

I will do my civic, scientifical duty to give the proper sources their due cred. In 25 years of rumination and odd-ducking, I have yet to construct a single original thought  and so am absolutely unresponsible for the dribble you are about to read. Additionally, the meditations of My Morning Mile are products of the books I find myself buried under, the places my feet mayhap to wander, and the ephemeral emotional landscape of being in one's mid-twenties. There are people I have persuaded to talk with me, and it is my hope to include some of their stories as fodder. Wilderness makes artists of us all.

We are a a culture of humans with tales of a systemically imbalanced world. There will be words misused, phrases misinterpreted, blasphemously punctuated sentences that never end, and potentially lots of aggressive language. I don't know. I haven't written it yet.

Such as it is, this is my creative process of uncreativity. A creature of many passions, allow me now to thrust us into the void of groggy early-morning jogs. A sweaty, pontificating arms race between the tormentous thoughts that the world, partnered with randomly assorted genes, have dealt me and the conceivable truths of the universe I encounter. I say "truths" because when truth is found, it is never alone.

Rockosphy is my morning mile, what's yours?


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