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Owls and Asterisms

~Arin Underwood


To the left, I present to you the corporeal form of one, Arin Underwood.

Hailing from the vivid wilderness of Alaska, where she received her Bachelor's of Science, she also happens to be one of Bristol's closest genetic relatives. Whatever they're doing up in Alaska, they're doing it right. Arin is ablaze with writing, sciencing, and artistic talent! Her gifts can be seen by her resume, I have no doubt, but in truest bluest fashion, allow me to paint you a word picture, below.


This courageous spirit has tread among the sentinel forests of northern California twice, monitoring owls, and now spends her days pursuing her MS in Norway. I simply must check out this Alaska I keep hearing about, and you, beloved reader, absolutely need to read about the fount of goodness housed in the human brain of Arin. The ink of her pen runs flawlessly from inspired fingertips, and her words can only illuminate the mind of those she encounters. Frankly, the whole of the European continent has no idea what they've done by taking in someone who may just turn the field of science communication on its head, wielding irrevocable biological passion. In addition to slapping this blogger up side the head with brilliance & grace by sending a suspiciously perfect paper for publication on My Morning Mile, Arin also loves to roam the hills on the hunt for blueberries. Which, I have no doubt, are the most satisfying of all Norwegian fruits. At night, she surveys the darkness for streaming ribbons of those most northern of lights. 


If it is your wish to dance with artful natural scenery in your home, I implore you to check out Arin's Etsy shop:

Finally, before I become hopelessly lost in this broiling river of admiration, you can also follow her on Instagram under the handle "_pelagos_."


I challenge you to find a single branch of the Underwood clan without a grateful heart belting a swarthy salmon song to the universe. Spread the love, guys, and if you ever cross an Underwood- thank them, again, for the both of us.

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