Victoria M. Kaufman

Biologist, MS                                                         (314)-330-0067                         


Work Experience

Biological Consultant, Intermountain West Joint Venture                             October 2018 – January 2020

Ducks Unlimited Inc.

Project point-of-contact, data processing & presentation, ground & aerial surveying

  • Orchestrate project database, coordinate data collection from partners, public speaking at conferences, meetings, as needed

  • Monitor interdepartmental communication, authoring weekly reports, and Dept.-wide shared files

  • Uphold field safety regulations, oversee research development, management outreach and project recruitment


Biological Consultant, Sole Proprietorship                                                                         October 2018

Feather Blue LLC

  • Oversaw business licensing with Washington Secretary of State and Internal Revenue Service

  • Acquired limited liability insurance policy, appointed self as Registered Agent with the Dept. of Revenue,

  • Acquired business accountant, negotiated consultant contract with project partners


Avian Management Crew Lead, Bird Research Northwest                               February – June 2018

Real Time Research Inc.

  • Responsible for project management, data processing & presentation, ground & aerial surveying

  • Orchestrated field shifts, managed personnel in field and base camp, monitored crew communication, authored weekly reports and updated shared files, maps, and protocols

  • Implemented Field Safety Plans, oversaw and instructed protocols in boating, trailering, and company protocols


Pierce County Extra Hire, Dept. Parks & Recreation                     November 2017 – February 2018

  • Assisted coach in managing players for Companionship Basketball

  • Assisted set-up and break-down for No Sun Fun Run

  • Directed traffic and monitored public site use for Fantasy Lights


Avian Monitoring Technician, Bird Research Northwest                                August – October 2017 Oregon State University

  • Orchestrated crew schedule, coordinated field data collection and management implementation

  • Managed data, authored weekly reports, authored financial reports, managed field communications

  • Performed PIT tag recovery, breeding colony monitoring, off-road vehicle operation

  • Excellent in Type II boating, kayaking, field construction and deconstruction


Avian Management Technician, Bird Research Northwest                                February – July 2017 Real Time Research Inc.

  • Implemented non-lethal dissuasion management for Caspian terns and gull species

  • Surveyed waterbird populations, breeding behavior and daily data collection

  • Proficient in Type I boating, safety protocol implementation, GPS vessel navigation


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Tennessee Tech University                 August 2014 – December 2016

Teaching Assistantship, Department of Biology

  • Lectured, designed and administered exams, oversaw lab activities & dissections

  • Assembled lab activities & break-down, implemented lab safety protocols, maintained lab facilities

  • Coursework: ecology, statistics, academic writing, Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, R Studio


Graduate Researcher, Tennessee Tech University                           August 2014 – December 2016

Giant Canada goose ecology

  • Data analysis, GIS, ArcGIS, R, Microsoft Office

  • Waterfowl identification, banding USGS leg bands, neck collars, sexing, relative aging

  • Spotting scope and binoculars: reading neck collars, density surveying


Vegetative surveying

  • Field data sheet design, leading field assistants

  • Spherical densitometer, Biltmore stick, tree species identification

  • Stem-count equipment, stem species identification, and cover pole quantification


Eastern Spotted skunk ecology

  • GIS site location and field navigation

  • Attaching, baiting, and site set up of trail camera surveys

  • Recruiting and leading field assistants in and out of the field


Aquatic Seasonal Field Technician, Tennessee Tech University                             May - August 2016

Pygmy madtom population ecology

  • Endangered species surveying, aquatic environment sampling

  • Environmental factors: water velocity, depth, orientation, sediment collection

  • Fish collection: seining, kick-seining, introductory identification


Avian Seasonal Field Technician, University of Missouri - Columbia                        May - July 2014

Oven bird & Acadian flycatcher nesting ecology

  • Attaching radio transmitters to fledglings

  • Radio tracking tagged fledglings of oven bird and Acadian flycatchers

  • Vegetative surveys: canopy/leaf/ground cover, stem counts, tree identification/diameter/density


Undergraduate Research, University of Missouri- Columbia                      August 2013 - April 2014

Pink salmon ecology

  • Pink salmon metabolic response to migratory stressors by age, sex, and point of migration

  • Preparing assays, buffers, and liver tissue samples

  • Operation of microbiological laboratory for treatment, disinfection, and quantification of samples


Avian Seasonal Field Technician, University of Missouri -Columbia                    May - August 2013

Neo-tropical migrant bird ecology

  • Identification, mapping, and nest searching of forest-nesting migrant birds

  • Field navigation, GIS, topographic maps

  • Point counting, mist netting, processing and banding birds in the field


Mammalian Seasonal Field Technician, University of Missouri -St. Louis                May - July 2012

Evolutionary disease ecology

  • Handling, anesthetizing, and administering fluids to small mammals

  • Field tissue sampling: peromyscus, least chipmunks, Unita ground squirrels, voles

  • Shermin trapping, mammal processing, GIS, National Park protocol



Volunteer & Community Involvement

Artist Featured in Spokane Library Art-Walk                                                                              June 2019

Spokane County Library, Downtown Location

  • Provided four pieces of poetry/feather art for the Queer Artists' Art-Walk display 

  • Work was displayed for the public for one month

Board Committee Member                                                                      February 2019 - February 2021

The Wildlife Society, Washington Chapter

  • Coordinated The Wildlife Society student volunteers, planned outreach events, developed seed project

  • Coordination of  Master Naturalist Program implementation


Restoration Volunteer                                                                               January 2017- February 2018

Metro Parks Tacoma Stewardship Program

  • Invasive species removal, pesticide application, strategic planting

  • Weekly work parties, invasive species removal, native vegetation planting


Point-in-Time Count Volunteer                                                                                          January 2018 Pierce County Human Resources

  • Annual survey of citizens experiencing homelessness



Notary Public                                                                                                                         Expires 2023


Washington Department of Licensing


OSHA Safety Officer                                                                                                           No Expiration

June 2, 2018

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Interagency Aviation Training                                                                                             Expires 2021

April 29, 2018

U.S. Department of the Interior

A-100 (Basic Safety), A-116 (Theft Prevention), A-200 (Mishap review)


Oregon Boater Education Card                                                                                         No Expiration

April 18, 2017

Oregon State Marine Board, valid in Washington state


Motorboat Operator Certification Course                                                                          Expires 2022 March 20 – 24, 2017

Oregon State University, Astoria, OR


Adult First Aid/CPR/AED                                                                                                    Expires 2020

March, 2018

American Red Cross


Tennessee Technological University

Master’s of Science in Biology


Master’s Thesis:

Movement patterns and dispersal in a flock of giant Canada geese in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee

Tennessee Technological University

Dr. Daniel Combs


University of Missouri - Columbia

Bachelor’s of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife

Minor in Biology, Minor in Anthropology