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Superior Stones

~ Bristol


I am a firm believer that humans are just like jelly beans. We come in a wide variety of flavors, and there are some so deliciously good that we just can't stop ourselves from sorting through a mixed bag to find all the good ones. Girls and boys and self-defined, Bristol is a primo example of one such person-flavor. No one who would ever be graced by her presence could disagree, and it was by a blissfully fortuitous series of events that we came to know each other in the field.


The sublime second contributor to this blog, Bristol has crafted, for you and I, several tales of rocktastic explorations. In that same spirit, let me tell you that the first time we ever interacted was hilarious and perfect. I was driving coworker and myself to Motorboat Operator Certification Training, and had been instructed to call the point-of-contact person when we arrived on site for the course. Our crew lead had given me Bristol's phone number for this, and I had no idea who she was or her connection to the training. Bristol had even less notion of who I was, but when she received a call out of the clear blue sky (I embellish in this description as Astoria, OR rarely has clear skies in March) from an out-of-town number, from a turned-around traveler, she was entirely unphased. With the finesse of a natural leader, she dictated the usual routine, and we all ended up where we needed to be in pristine condition. 

Her generosity knows no bounds and her courage is a force of nature, as well as a source of courage for those basking in her glow. Patient and overflowing with biological badassery, she can skipper a boat in torturous winds, identify a Hudsonian godwit from a partial photo, and laugh in the face of danger when/if the boat goes missing. Look out for this future teacher in your schools and public offices! Although, I'd wager a guess she'll be in the woods, traversing lands untouched by man. And of course, sharing in the nature booty with friends and her equally badass family.


Bristol and Arin have started their own Wix blog! Check out their photography, expertise, and science writing at the link below!

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