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   My Undying Gratitude Can Be Found Here   

Among these pages is where I will make available those who have provided stories, photos, and their own flavor of exposure to My Morning Mile.

I want to give faces to the conservationists of the world. Their stories, their situations, the sacrifices they make to do this work, and the rewards of it. It's not a revolutionary notion by any stretch, but we need to be part of the global conversation on environmentalism. We, as biologists, need to know our worth. We need to contribute to the wildlife blogs of the world, the authors and journalists shedding light on the work of scientists striving to better the natural systems of our planet. Everyone can be a conservationist. I want to knit together a picture of what that means and could mean in the future. We need to engage with each other to enthrall others. 

In order to engage in awareness about the necessity of our unique skills and devotion, I had to start somewhere. I needed stories. Please, send me your tales from being in the field. It starts by telling our stories. 

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