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Content in the Winds

~Dustin Brewer


This magnificent creature on the left is Dustin Brewer. The first to contribute to this blog, Dustin is nothing if not salt of the Earth. A talented & published author, ornithologist, researcher, naturalist, conservationist, teacher, backpacker, guitar player, singer, songwriter, storyteller, philosopher, human being, and limitless in his generosity of spirit, Dustin agreed to submit a story for me. As he would for any friend. He is the calm, centered Zen Master of the Forest, and I am suspiciously lucky to have known him since our sophomore year of college. That meet-and-greet at the Wildlife Society Conclave will have to wait for a post on the divinity of platonic kinship, though, because now is the time for ecstatic gushing over my friend and his story.

Dust in the Wind, here, has worked across this crazy continent, conserving the birds and pensively dictating his brilliance in the written word. Here is a link to his blog, and for the love of any, all, every, and the only god, I absolutely demand that you follow the link below and get your frickin' mind blown:

Dustin also has a book out! And you can find it on Amazon, here:

His writing is also on the Facebook:

If you ever befriend someone in the caliber of Dustin Brewer, consider yourself amidst The Good Stuff. 

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