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Pocket Rocks: Angela

Figure 1: Angela's pocket rock, a crescent moon from a river bed in Gainesboro, TN, Blackburn Fork.

Meet pocket rock, Lady of the Stars, courtesy of Angela Schmid.

When I asked my badass soul sister about her submission (provided with enthusiasm; I did not run her down at a swing dance or corner her on the bus) she gave me the following excerpt:

"This rock with a crescent moon was found approximately 20 years ago in Gainesboro, TN, in a dry river bed of Blackburn Fork. I call it my "Lady of the Stars" Stevie Nicks rock."

I asked if she had anything further she wanted my deep pool of readers to know about her interpretation of pocket rocks. She responded thus, "Nope."

"It's about the rock and what I get out of it when I go through my collection. That's what makes it special to me. Isn't that what it's about?" Damn skippy!

Angela, you magnificent beast of an entomologist, you have embodied the essence of Pocket Rocks.

With love and nothing else,


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