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Links to Publications from 2022

Quick! Before the calendar catches up! Click & scroll through these two publications from the tail end of this year. This first one was through the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing Newsroom and is a report on a talk by esteemed cosmologist and jazz musician, Stephon Alexander. Went to a conference in Memphis, listened to a lot of brilliant folks, fawned over some at the height of their craft, wrote a thing, heard some extremely kind stuff about my writing, and walked back into my world with a backpack full of new avenues to explore in 2023. Pretty much your typical rockosophy adventure, complete with dinner and a show at BB King's restaurant on the Memphis strip! Downright magical.

The latest was an essay appearing in this year's Winter issue of A Plate of Pandemic. This piece dropped on the solstice. It's comparatively old news with a trademark spritz of upbeat philosophy. Wonderful to be included and the editor had kind feedback to boot!

Coming in 2023 is who knows what! With a small handful of poetry submissions floating around, a fat stack of material I churned out right up until November 6th, some digital art, questionable photography, handmade shoes, faux leather bound notebooks, and an itching sensation accreting in the crease between my imagery/sensory inclinations, ya'll loyal readers could be in for some fun updates in the next Roman year.

Be good,

be well,

be the one

who rings their bell.