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Pocket Rocks: Chantelle

Figure 1: Chantelle Davenport wearing her pocket rock necklace of green tourmaline.

Heyo, loyal blogites! Sit right there, get real nice and comfy, and prepare yourself for this splendorous new pocket rock encounter. This week's pocket rocker is Chantelle Davenport. A miraculous denizen of Tacoma, the human featured right Here, right Now carries herself with the grace of a crane, the dignified strength of an anaconda, and the serene quietude of a tropical orchid.

I made Chantelle's acquaintance over a plate of deliciously crafted cabobs on which I was dining with an equally auspicious human (I'm coming for your pocket rock story too, Ely!). As Chantelle sat down to dinner with us, I spied that charming chunk on her chain & naturally inquired, "Hey, nice rock! What is it?" WHOOSH! we were off rockin' and a rollin' with one helluva rockosophy discourse on the spiritual and monetary value of green tourmaline.

"[We were at a festival and there was a stand with this woman and a bunch of wire wraps and crystals and rocks. I went over to look and was just drawn to this one. I left the stand but then had to go back and eventually get it. As we walked around, I kept wandering back to that one stand and looking through all of them, but this one was just really beautiful and I was into its meaning.] Now, I wear this green tourmaline because it inspires creativity towards a goal. It also brings luck and abundance. Every time I wear this around my neck, it helps me feel grounded and balanced."

My eternal thanks to you, Chantelle Davenport, for your brilliance, balance, and rockosophical aptitude!

Happy Hounding!