Pocket Rocks: Chantelle

Heyo, loyal blogites! Sit right there, get real nice and comfy, and prepare yourself for this splendorous new pocket rock encounter. This week's pocket rocker is Chantelle Davenport. A miraculous denizen of Tacoma, the human featured right Here, right Now carries herself with the grace of a crane, the dignified strength of an anaconda, and the serene quietude of a tropical orchid.

I made Chantelle's acquaintance over a plate of deliciously crafted cabobs on which I was dining with an equally auspicious human (I'm coming for your pocket rock story too, Ely!). As Chantelle sat down to dinner with us, I spied that charming chunk on her chain & naturally inquired, "Hey, nice rock! What is it?" WHOOSH! we were off rockin' and a rollin' with one helluva rockosophy discourse on the spiritual and monetary value of green tourmaline.

"[We were at a festival and there was a stand with this woman and a bunch of wire wraps and crystals and rocks. I went over to look and was just drawn to this one. I left the stand but then had to go back and eventually get it. As we walked around, I kept wandering back to that one stand and looking through all of them, but this one was just really beautiful and I was into its meaning.] Now, I wear this green tourmaline because it inspires creativity towards a goal. It also brings luck and abundance. Every time I wear this around my neck, it helps me feel grounded and balanced."

My eternal thanks to you, Chantelle Davenport, for your brilliance, balance, and rockosophical aptitude!

Happy Hounding!


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