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New Guidebook Release: Rockhounding Washington

The long wait is over! Fresh off the press as of July 2018, and after much anticipatory nail-biting, you can now purchase the latest and greatest Falcon Guide, Rockhounding Washington: A Guide to the State's Best Sites. The author, Lars Johnson, is the source of many references in other guide books too, such as Gem Trails of Washington, and is famed for his expertise across the region. As with most field guides in today's accelerated pace of publications -not to mention the alarming rate that mining claims are being bought up like water rights in the age of climate change- arming yourself with the most up-to-date resources is crucial.

Worry not about the prevalence or popularity of the locations enclosed within this glorious tome! In the sagely words of one owner of Jerry's Rock & Gem, "There's no need to be secretive about sites that are open to the public. There's so much material out there we should be helping each other practice safe, legal rockhounding. It gives us a better reputation in the eyes of the public and, of course, it's more fun for the community when everyone can go out and get some great finds." Words to hound by! So, however you choose to go about finding your sites I hope you double-check that they are legal, always take a buddy, and remember to support your local rock shop, rock author, lapidarists, and rockhounds. Please always fill in your holes where required, pack out your trash, don't accidentally bludgeon anyone with your tailings, and be sure to hit me up with your riveting rocktales afterwards!

If you're looking for other guide recommendations and tips to get down and dirty, be sure to also check out Rockosophy's previous post, Rockpups: Tips to Get You Hounding. Together, we can sustain the environment & economy required for this and all other magnificent nature hobbies. Below are some links to pick up your copy of this and other useful guides to the PNW.

Happy Hounding!

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