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Pocket Rock Ore Die

This morning something called to me from the mulchy bed of landscaping along my residential walk way. This pentagonal trapezohedron (or deltohedron, if you prefer) stared up at me from under a viel of snow-melting filth.

It was love at first find.

As I left the house on this fine Monday morn, I debated pocketing the Fire Stone sunning on the kitchen sill, or maybe a bit 'o pw from my stash. "No," I thought, "a rock will to me on this day, as I need it. They always do." Imagine my shock when not 100 meter from my front door I find this die in great shape and a blend of my favorite shade- steel grey. 

Pocket rocks are funny that way. Always teaching us new things in one form or another. Today my pocket rock is a plastic-cast die. Although it was facing upwards with a Nat 0, I like to think its fortune changed when I pocketed it and rolled on for my morning errands. 

Happy Hounding (for whatever blows your hair back)!


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