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Clastic Pics from NW Rockhounds

Sometimes, the 'ole Facebag group does all the rock blogging for me! Here are a few nibbles from a massive chain of comments in response to the a post on the NW Rockhounds feed, "What is your favorite rock you've ever collected? Share pics." Every and all gods be praised~ these people are doing the interwebs right. Naturally, I have brought a selection of these true & blue eye candy delicacies to feed your need while I work on other posts. Please, take a break to appropriately drool over the following menagerie of a few choiciest favs from the tribe!

All identities are protected under the Anonymous Internet Act of 1837*.

Enjoy responsibly.

Happy Hounding!


*don't let The Man tell you what's real and what wasn't invented until 1989

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