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ProTip: Jade Eclipse

Big news! For any and all who revel in the jade arts, Theus the Adventurer just made the following post on the NW Jade Hunters (an off-branch of the NW Rockhounds) Facebag page. I thought it was downright dandy and so I bring it to you, rockosophers! If you have the time to get out and about in Western Washington in the next few days, the jade hunting will be good.

For more water level information, checkout this link to USGS WaterWatch online. And remember to be safe out there! Flash floods have claimed river-goers more than once in the last few months, nation-wide, so be smart!

"We had some major high rough waters this last season .Jade hunter eclipse is when the high waters of the creeks and rivers water level suddenly drops because it's not been raining and it's cold enough to stop the snow melt from coming down as quickly .Here's a tip the jade hunter's eclipse is rite now."

Happy Hounding!


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